Analyzer 2021


Since Microsoft will stop supporting IE in June 2022, therefore, starting from this version, the Analyzer no longer supports Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). Please use Microsoft EDGE, Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

Please see the attachments at the bottom of this page for additional information.

If your existing version of the Analyzer is before version 2021, please upgrade the Analyzer and Analyzer Export Service using these steps:
  • Analyzer Upgrade Installer > Analyzer Patch
  • Analyzer Export Service > Analyzer Export Service Patch
If you are already running Analyzer 2021, then upgrade the Analyzer and Analyzer Export Service with these steps:
  • Analyzer Patch
  • Analyzer Export Service Patch


Full Installer

The Full Installer is for first-time installation or reinstallation from scratch. Please see Standard Installation Steps for installation steps and prerequisites. If you upgrade your existing Analyzer, we recommend using the Upgrade Installer.

down-arrow.svg Full Installer

Upgrade Installer

The Upgrade Installer takes your current version of the Analyzer to the latest version. Simply run the installer using an administrator account to apply the upgrade. 

down-arrow.svg  Upgrade Installer


down-arrow.svg  Analyzer Export Service 

down-arrow.svg  Analyzer 2018 Help File Installer 


Latest Update Patches

down-arrow.svg Analyzer 2021 Patch 19

Steps to apply the Analyzer Patch

1. Stop the Analyzer application pool in IIS.


2. Unzip the file. Copy and paste the folders to your existing Analyzer folder. The latest Patch includes all changes from the previous patches.


3. Start the Analyzer application pool in the IIS. Clear the browser cache after applying a patch.


down-arrow.svg  Analyzer Export Service Patch 16

Steps to apply the AES patch

1. Stop the Analyzer Export Service using the Services control panel.


2. Unzip the file. Copy and paste all the files to your existing Analyzer Export Service folder. The latest patch includes all changes from the previous patches.


3. Start the Analyzer Export Service using the Services control panel.


exclamation-mark.svg  Attention

1. Please install .NET Framework 4.8 or above on the Analyzer server. Run the following command at the Command Prompt window to verify:

reg query "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\NET Framework Setup\NDP\v4\Full" /v version

2. DO NOT overwrite the Web.config file installed by the new version of the Analyzer. Please merge your settings to the new file but not overwrite the latest changes.

3. Skip if you have been using the Analyzer 2018. Otherwise, please check to see if you have the following three MIME types in your IIS (either at the global level or the Analyzer site level) - .json, .svg, and woff2.


Verify to see if you have .json and .svg types defined, if not, then please add them as shown below:


Also, add .woff2 if you don't have it already.


4. Please clear the browser cache and relaunch Analyzer if the icons aren't displayed correctly.


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