MODIFY FILE failed. Specified size is less than current size.

While creating the Analyzer system database you might run into the following error message:


The size here is referring to the size of the model database in the SQL server. Normally, it is set to 3 MB.


The specified SIZE in the ALTER DATABASE command is referring to the default size of BOStore when it is first created, which is 50MB as defined inside the persistence.config (found in \Program Files\Analyzer\Web\config directory). So normally, when issuing the ALTER query to change the database from 3 to 50 should not have an issue, however, if the defined size of the model database is greater than 50 then the error "MODIFY FILE failed" occurs.

To resolve this, first to verify the Size defined inside your model database, then go to persistence.config (found in \Program Files\Analyzer\Web\config directory) and change the "DataSize" to be larger than the size set in the model database. You should see something like this:

<DataStoreDb DatabaseName="BOStore" DataSize="50" LogSize="20" />

Both DataSize and LogSize must be larger than the current size. 

After changes are done, save the file then restart the Analyzer (recycle the Analyzer application pool), then try again.






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