AES EnableMultiCPU key explained

Starting from version 3.0.2361 a new appSettings key is introduced to specify number of CPU that AES uses while processing. This key needs to be added to the AnalyzerExportService.exe.config file.

<add key="EnableMultiCPU" value="8"/>

However by adding this key does not necessary means the performance will improve due to the fact that there is already a parameter that specify number of threads that AES server would uses. Each thread handles one report export and each thread already utilize a CPU if available. 


For example if the server has 8 CPU modules and the number of threads is set to 8 then it means that AES can handles 8 exports at the same time, and each of the thread will utilize one CPU so in this case the effect of EnableMultiCPU key is essentially nil. 

However if the server has 8 CPU modules and the number of the threads is set to 2 then each of the thread will utilize 4 CPU modules at the same time so components inside a report are distributed to 4 CPU modules.

The performance improvement is highly depending on the type of reports user normally exports. If users normally export a great number of simple or small reports then more threads should benefit. However if user mostly export complex reports that require heavy CPU processing then it is better to have smaller number of threads so each thread can utilize multiple CPU module to process a report. 



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