Analyzer 3.0.2361

Full Installer

Full Installer is for first time installation or re-installation from scratch. If you are upgrading your existing Analyzer then we recommend to use the Upgrade Installer. Please see Standard Installation Steps for installation steps.

Full Installer (64 bit)

Upgrade Installer

Upgrade Installer is to take your current version of Analyzer to the latest version. Simply run the installer using an administrator account to apply the upgrade.

Upgrade Installer (64 bit)


Other Downloads

Analyzer Export Service Download Page 

Analyzer 3.0.2361 new features documents (Data Package 2.0, Mobile)

Analyzer User Manual



1. Starting from 3.0.2361 Analyzer's application pool is now called AppPoolInt that uses Integrated mode.

2. Web.config file has been updated with new information therefore do not overwrite newly installed Web.config file with the old file. Please copy the appSettings keys from the old file to the new file and any other changes you have made in the old file.

3. Supported browsers - IE 11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari.

4. Analyzer Mobile is now an integral part of Analyzer, you do not need to download and install Analyzer Mobile.

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