Migrate a Report From Server to Server

A report is tied to the following in hierarchy order

  1. Data source ID
  2. Database name
  3. Cube/Perspective name
  4. Dimension and measure names

In order to use a report created from one Analyzer to another Analyzer you need to first make sure:

  1. The target cube must has identical dimensions and measures. If not then you will need to use the alternative method.
  2. The name of the cube/perspective names if different must be changed to match the target cube/perspective names
  3. The name of the database name if different must be changed to match the target database name
  4. The data source ID if different must be changed to match the target data source ID

If the data source ID, or database name, or the cube name are different then please follow the steps below to migrate the report. To keep scenario simple the example below assumes the only differences between the source and target is the data source ID. You can apply the same concept to multiple reports and different database name or cube names.


  1. Export the report using Report Export function.
  2. Select the report to export then export the report.
  3. Open the report XML file you have just saved. You should see something like the following. The green commented out section is where we want to make the modification.
  4. First uncomment out the comment tags by removing the "<!--" and "-->"
  5. As you can see the <ComponentDataSource> section takes 6 parameters - the old and the new datasource ID, database name, and cube name. You will never have to change the information in the OLD section, only the NEW section needs to be updated. In our example only the datasource ID is different so we will update the NewDataSrcId to the new value at the target server.
  6. Also you may want to remove the <DataSource> block below since the block will recreate a data source object on the new server, since we are already set the report to point to an existing datasource object so we do not want to create a new data source object on the target Analyzer.Completed file. Save this file.
  7. At the target Analyzer select Report Import/Export. This time we will use the Import function. Select the file that we just modified. Also change the report owner to a new owner if needed. Click Import to import the report. 
  8. This complete the migration process.








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