How to Ensure Users Only See Certain Data within a Report

In Analyzer, reports can be generated depending on user’s rights. 

You may want your users to see only certain data. For example: allowing some users to drill-down to finance data but being able to view general figures only OR you may want individuals responsible for a specific country to be able to view only those figures for that country and not data from other countries.

This can be done by setting the SSAS/cube role for an individual user or a group of users. For example, in SQL Management Studio, open the cube that you wish to limit the data access and create a new role. Define the member(s) or group(s) that are affected by this role:

You can then set different data access privileges by changing the settings:

Once the roles are set, when you open the same report using the End User account, it will only display 'Accessories' and 'Bikes' product data:


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