Unable to Access to the Cube Database From Client Computer

By default Analyzer site is setup to use Windows Authentication, however this only works if you have both Analyzer and the target SSAS database on the same machine.

The Windows Authentication Policy only allows user credential to be passed between two machines so if you have SSAS and Analyzer on two different servers then while you are still able to access the database while working directly on the Analyzer server but you will encounter an issue while working with Analyzer on a client computer (3rd machine). 

To resolve the Double-Hops issue please go to IIS to set Analyzer site to use ASP.NET + Basic Authentication. Please Note: Do NOT enable both Windows and Basic Authentication at the same time, this will not work.


Alternatively you can also setup Kerberos Authentication to make all servers trusting each others (AD server, SQL server, IIS server, etc.). Once all servers trust each other then you can switch back to use ASP.NET + Windows Authentication.


Error message often associated with the double-hop issue: "The connection either timed out or was lost."


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