Offline (Manual) License Activation

Sometimes due to security setting or firewalls Analyzer cannot activate its keys automatically, in the case please follow the steps below to active the keys.

1. Depending you are at the initial key activation screen or at the License Manager screen, you should always see two options - Auto or Manual (Offline) activation, below is a screenshot from the License Manager screen.

2. Select the second (Offline) option then click on the Get Request Code link to generate a Request Code

3. Now click here to go to our Key Activation Website. Enter the serial number, and request code and country code (if you don't know your country code simply type "USA"). Click Next button to continue.

4. Fill in the information then click OK button.

5. At the end of the process it should generate an Activate Code for you.

6. Copy the Activation Code back to Analyzer to complete the activation process.



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