Enable All Report Designers to Save to All Reports

There are two ways to do this:

1) Global Change

In order to allow multiple Report Designers (Power Users) to save to the same report, please make the following modification:

a) Locate sysconfig.config file in your Analyzer installed directory \Program files\Analyzer\Web\Config. Search for the word "IsConfigFullControl". Now change the value from 0 to 1. It should now read like this:<Security AdapterId="0" ... IsConfigFullControl="1" />

b) Now grant “Config” privilege to either the folder, user role, or a specific report. Now all Report Designers (Power Users) should be able to save to the same report.

Please note that since Analyzer does not “LOCK” the report, when two users attempt to save to the same report, the last saved report wins.


2) Targeted Change (Version 3.0.2357 or later)

In Analyzer Web.config file please add the following key to the <appSettings> block.

 <add key=”Admin.PermissionWriteDelete” value=”true”/>

This will add two new permissions - Write and Delete to the Security tab.

The ‘Write’ permission has no effect unless the user is also a Report Designer. If a user is a member of the Report Designers, they can overwrite any reports if Write permission is enabled.


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