Problem Accessing Analyzer in the Morning

f your users are unable to access Analyzer in the morning before an Administrator logs in to Analyzer first, then this is caused by an insufficient read permission for the Analyzer directory folders and files. 

The symptom is that all your users always receive an error message (NullReferenceException) in the morning when they try to run Analyzer. However, the error message always goes away after a specific user logs in to Analyzer and all your users can access Analyzer freely until the next morning. 

This is caused by the following facts:

      1. Analyzer needs to read the web.config, sysconfig.config, and dbconfig.config files whenever starting up fresh.


      2. IIS recycles AppPool at a scheduled time (normally at night). This action clears the cache for all the sites running under IIS, so previously cached information within Analyzer is now gone and Analyzer will need to read the configuration files once more. 


To resolve this issue, please make sure the Analyzer directories and files are readable by the general user account. You can simply give the USERS or Authenticated Users a READ permission:

Now your users should have no problem accessing Analyzer in the morning.

If for some reason the above still doesn't resolve the issue, then you might need to write a VB Script to run Analyzer with an Admin account in the morning:

      Dim oIE
      Set oIE = WScript.CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
      oIE.visible = true
      ' Set Analyzer URL
      oIE.navigate "http://localhost/Analyzer"
      Do While (olE.Busy)
      WScript.Sleep 2000 ' sleep for 2000 seconds
      ' Close Internet Explorer
      ' Clear the variable
    Set oIE = Nothing


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