Analyzer Usage Analysis Report

With the help of the DataPackage, you can now easily create an Analyzer usage report by using simple query, for example, create a new SQL DataPackage then use a query like the one below (your Analyzer system database name might be different) then let the system to create the DataPackage:

/****** Script for SelectTopNRows command from SSMS ******/





,CASE [Action]

WHEN 0 THEN 'Unknown'

WHEN 1 THEN 'Login'

WHEN 2 THEN 'Logoff'

WHEN 3 THEN 'Load'

WHEN 4 THEN 'Insert'

WHEN 5 THEN 'Update'

WHEN 6 THEN 'Delete'

WHEN 7 THEN 'Execute'

WHEN 8 THEN 'SaveAs'

WHEN 9 THEN 'Send'

WHEN 10 THEN 'ToExcel'

WHEN 11 THEN 'Export'

WHEN 12 THEN 'Import'

END AS [User Action]  



,1 AS [Count] 

FROM [BOStore].[dbo].[Logs]



Once processed, you can build a User Login Analysis report like this:

A Reports Usage Report

 NOTE: Records in the Logs table gets rolled to files when the record count reaches maximum value defined in the System Logs Setting therefore may cause the report to be broken. To prevent this from happening I would suggest to create a table of your own then periodically transfer the data to your own table then build the package against your own table.



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