Reset Subscription Setting of Other Users

You may have some subscriptions created by users who left the company. So, when their Analyzer account is removed, there still seems to be SQL Server Agent jobs continuing to put entries into the Subscription job queue which then fail due to lack of authentication.


If you are bothered by this issue, please follow the steps below to solve the problem:


method 1: go to the Analyzer database BOStore and find the table subscriptions. Run the report and then check the OwnerID column. You can manually change the person's ID, who already left, to your ID. After it, the person’s subscription list showed in your list and you can modify its settings. (you can utilize join statement between tables subscriptions and user Profie on userid=ownerid, and find the user’s id).


Method 2: Same way as the method 1 to check OwnerID. You can delete the person's ID row in the subscriptions table and then go back to find the database server configuration in Analyzer. Please check the box for re-deploy all subscriptions.






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