Finding Deleted Report in Recycle Bin


Shared Reports is a public folder for users sharing their reports.  After deleted reports from the Shared Reports, some of the users may not find them in Recycle Bin and restore them later. If you have this situation, the explanation below could be helpful.

As we know, everyone can delete report from Shared Reports as long as the user has this folder’s authorization. Once the report is not in the shared folder any more, which means the report cannot be shared anymore and no one can see it except the report’s designer. (Please be note: we have roles including Administrators, General Users, Mobile Users and Report Designers)


You can click the “switch view” to see the report’s owner name


For example: Report Designer B has a report in shared folder. If today administrator deleted a report that belongs to report designer B, then this report moving to report designer B’s Recycle Bin instead of administrator’s. So, report designer B is the only one who can decide to delete the report permanently or restore it later from Recycle Bin.


As an administrator, this situation is inconvenient for report management. Fortunately, the report designer B‘s report can be seen after administrator enable an icon named Show All Objects. The following steps will show you how to enable it (only administrator has this access permission).


  1. Select “report Admin Configuration”




  1. Select one of the system Administrators as Report Admin.



  1. This icon will let you see the deleted report that belongs to report designer B5.png
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