Define Chart Default Fonts

IMPORTANT to Read: Starting from the version of Analyzer 3.0.2361 Hotfix 1, Application Pool should be set to use .Net 4.0 and Integrated Mode.  Please refer to this article for more information about Application Pool configuration.  (


Since specific fonts would render better in a chart when Asian languages are used so an administrator can now add desired fonts to the User Preference font selection menu by following these steps. This feature is only available for Analyzer version 3.0.2361 Hot Fix 1 or later. Please note that changes will only affect newly created report, this does not change existing reports.


Configuration Steps

1. Specify the Japanese fonts to use in program files\analyzer\web\config\chartattrdef.config



2. Add desired Japanese fonts to AvailableFonts section. Example here shows two Japanese fonts are added to AvailableFonts. Saved the file then recycle Analyzer application pool for the changes to take effect.


3. Login to Analyzer. Go to the User Preferences Now you should see them under the Chart Default Font selection.



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