AES Issue Debug and Trace

This is for debugging Analyzer Export Service (AES version 3.0.2361 and up). Once enabled AES outputs metafile and final Excel or PDF file to a specified folder location. Only report name contains the word "debug" will trigger the tracing to avoid trace being applied to all exported reports.  

To enable the tracing add the following line to Analyzer Web.config file. The target path must be a path that the application pool identity has enough privilege to write to (for example AppPool\DefaultAppPool user). 

<add key="Export.DebugOutput" value="c:\ExportDebugOutput\" />

Step-by-Step Example

1. Add key to Web.config. Set output path to C:\ExportDebugOutput


2. Grant application pool user to write to C:\ExportDebugOutput folder


3. Rename the report name to contain the word "debug". 


4. Export the report as usual. Wait for export to complete (or error).

5. Once completed, go to the target path C:\ExportDebugOutput, there should be files in html, and Excel or PDF. Depending on number of sheets in the exported report, each generates a html file. These html files are the metafiles, please send us these files. 










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