Freely Arrange Dimension Hierarchy and Attributes

You can freely arrange dimension, hierarchy, and attributes on a pivot table. 

Here are examples of many different ways you can construct your pivot table:

  1. Dragging a dimension hierarchy onto the pivot table. If you simply drag a hierarchy onto the pivot table, then you will have all the levels after you expand each level. screenshot1.jpg
  2. Dragging an attribute to the pivot table. If you just need an attribute, you can simply drag an attribute onto the pivot table. For example, if you only want the "Category" attribute, you can either drag it from the tree (red) or drag it from within an hierarchy (blue):Screen_Shot_2017-03-31_at_12.12.02_PM.png 
  3. Create a cross-joined hierarchy with attributes. Here is an example to freely join attributes. Screen_Shot_2017-03-31_at_12.14.12_PM.png
  4. Create a cross-joined hierarchy with another hierarchy. Screen_Shot_2017-03-31_at_12.16.28_PM.png

PLEASE NOTE:  While cross-joining hierarchy please keep in mind that Analyzer will only keep the visible portion of the  hierarchy. 

    For example, if I first drag the Product Categories hierarchy to the table 


 then drag Sales Channel attribute behind the Category (the hierarchy is not expanded), then I will ended up with the following (both Subcategory and Product Name are removed)


If wanted to keep both Category and Subcategory from the original Product Categories hierarchy then I must first expand the hierarchy to reveal the Subcategory then cross-join it with the Sales Channel attribute. 

Frist expand to the Subcategory level.


then cross-join with Sales Channel.



You might also have noticed a blue or red bar appears while dragging attribute or hierarchy, this is a visual indicator to let you know if the attribute that you are placing is to be placed behind (red) or in-front of (blue) the current attribute. The below example shows the new attribute will be placed behind the Subcategory.



You can also create new cross-joined hierarchy by removing a level from an existing hierarchy. For example by removing the Subcategory level to create a cross-join between only Category and Product Name.








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