Clear all user sessions after user logout

By default after the user clicked on the the Logout link Analyzer would clear all sessions belonged to the user regardless how many Analyzer browser windows currently opened, however, since most of the browsers remembers user's name and password so by clicking on the Enter System Again link would automatically re-opens the Analyzer in a new session. For example here we see two Analyzer windows


After user clicked on the Logout link on one of the window the window would close. At this point if user tries to interact with the remaining Analyzer window, Analyzer would display the following: 


By clicking on the Enter the system again link the user will automatically re-start the Analyzer in new session. The user name and password is supplied by the browser. Although it is a new session but it would appears to the user that Analyzer has never logged out.



To ensure user does not automatically re-start a new session please add the following to Analyzer Web.config file (in \program files\analyzer\web folder) inside the <appSettings> block.

<add key="LogoutPage" value="LogoutPage.html"/>

Also download the LogoutPage.html file at the bottom of this page, put this file in \program files\analyzer\web folder. This will replace the standard session expired page you see above, instead it clears the browser cache so the user must type in the credential again.



Please Note: Since there is no standard on how to clear a browser's cache so there might be issues with different browser types. 






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